Artch DVD!
Artch have finally completed their
long awaited DVD.
This contains almost 4 hours of Artch material never been seen before!

A two disc DVD:
" A full production concert
Recently recorded in their hometown.
" The whole story from the early days until now, with interviews and a lot of rare and interesting footage.
" Artch in America, Germany and in the recording-studio recording the bonustracks for the re-issues in 2002.

This will officially be released 20th. April 2004.

There will be a releaseparty at MIA in Sarpsborg 17th.April 19.00.

Visit this page (Norwegian)
Phone: +47 69 14 83 50

Tickets available…

ARTCH Live agian!
plays 1001 Watt - Norway's most powerful festival. 25. okt. 2003
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ARTCH plays their first USA-gig Saturday 06.04.2002 [29.01.02]
ARTCH will play their first gig in USA ever in New Jersey. See more at

ARTCH live in Sarpsborg 12.01.2002 [29.10.01]
ARTCH will perform in "Folkets Hus" Sarpsborg, Norway, Saturday 12" of January 2002.
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Review from Wacken [11.10.01]
Jan Dahle from Scram Magazine describes the event. [Read]

Review from release party [11.10.01]
Jan Dahle from Scram Magazine describes the event. [Read] 

Signing autographs: [30.07.01]
ARTCH is signing albums at the "Rock Hard-stand" at the Wacken Saturday (04.08) 13:00.

Wacken gig - NB!!! New Schedule:
ARTCH is playing "The Party Stage" at Wacken Saturday 04.08.01 17:30-18:15.

Release dates confirmed:
14'th of may is the release date for the "new" releases. The two albums comes with the original recordings and a bonus CD with a live video (MPEG1) and a demo recording of "For The Sake Of Mandcind".
Another Return: 3984-14377-2
For The Sake Of Mankind: 3984-14378-2. 

Live at Wacken 03-04 august [12.03.01]:
ARTCH has confirmed participation at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany:

Interview with Bernt [17.02.01]:
Alexander Melzer of "The Metal Observer" has done his homework and done a long interview with Bernt. Click here!